Friday, January 8, 2010

1)i have learnt:

a)how to get along with my peers

b)clean up my room


2)i would be able to make more friends and know more about them
In the past , my parents helped me clean up my room,now i know what are the troubles of having to clean up my room.
If one does not have the determination to do anything, he will not succeed in anything

3)I would choose either the rock wall or the mud slide.
I would want to climb the rock wall again because it was very fun. I stopped at the middle of the rock wall because I had a fear of heights. Somehow, when i was climbing,i felt like the wall was 'repelling' me , it was probably the angle of which the wall was built.I would want to try the mud slide again because it was scary at the top, but when i hit the water it was very cooling.the feeling i felt when i was sliding was very thrilling.

4)i would want to change my memory and be less forgetful because my forgetfulness has cause me a lot of time and trouble,this way , i can do things on time
liked the adventurous activities we had and how our teamwork improved along the way. I also enjoyed winning the rafting competition and getting second in the orientation camp. All in all this camp was a good one.

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